Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day 3: Hockey

I was contemplating whether or not I should play hockey today, because most of the research I've done on hunger strikes says you should limit the amount of physical activity.

But, I figured if there was any time during this strike to play, it would be during the first week.
So, I skipped my usual pre-hockey skate, and played.

I didn't really notice any difference in my energy level until about an hour in, and at 1:00, my body told me that was my last shift.

When I got back from the rink I actually felt better than I had the first two days of this, but I crashed pretty hard and took a nice nap before work.

I'm hoping I can continue playing hockey throughout this strike, but will listen to my body and stop when I know it's time (seeing stars when I'm skating is usually my first clue).

Today: Coffee, Gatorade (mostly during hockey), Ensure, Half V8 Fusion, Water, Coffee 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day 2, Sorry If I Wasn't Specific Enough

If my video upset you, good.  The world upsets me, and I wanted to capture that.

But, I wasn't specific enough with how I am carrying out this hunger strike.  I am not simply just drinking water right now.  I want this to go on as long as it can (or world peace is achieved), so I have thought about it and planned it out.

I am no longer eating any solid food.  Yesterday, I had a Snickers latte from NU Cafe, and a bottle of V8 Fusion.  Today, I'm almost finished with a smoothie from NU that has protein in it.  I am not simply starving myself.  

Not surprisingly, my family told me they were worried about me.  My uncle came to visit last night, and told me about Dick Gregory, who went on several hunger strikes himself (he's 83 now).  Today, my sister came to visit me because she wanted to see me and give me a hug (I think the total was 8 before she left).  I assured her that I wasn't planning on going anywhere, and that I was making sure I got what I needed without solid food. Like every other idea or project I had, she told me she was going to support it (this one by getting me some protein powder, for one).  My aunt came along with her for the ride, so I gave her about 4 hugs as my sister left.    

I am so lucky to have family that loves me and supports me no matter what I decide to do, while also being honest with me about their feelings. I love you all. 

Peace, everyone.